Driving distractions that often lead to personal injury in Texas

Texas roadways are dangerous, as are most other highways in the nation nowadays. High-speed traffic and increased volume of cars sharing the roads have added to the risks already present when a motorist gets behind the wheel to drive. Another significant problem that often causes personal injury is distracted driving.  

Most distractions fall under three categories: manual, visual or cognitive. Using electronic devices, such as cellphones, global positioning equipment or iPods greatly increases the likelihood that a collision will occur. Eating and drinking while driving are also major risk factors that take a driver's eyes and mental focus off the road.  

Almost every driver is guilty of some form of distraction behind the wheel at one time or other, since even glancing at the dashboard clock or changing a radio station is considered a driving distraction. When someone's distraction causes another person to suffer injury, a series of events may unfold that last several weeks or months. From the moment a victim is transported to the nearest hospital for treatment to the day he or she is able to resume regular daily activities, many challenges may arise during recovery, some physical and emotional, others financial. 

There is no reason anyone in Texas who suffers personal injury due to a motorist's negligence should bear the full financial burden associated with the incident. This is why state law allows recovering accident victims to seek legal accountability against any party or parties deemed responsible for their injuries. It is always best to seek clarification of state laws pertaining to personal injury claims before heading to court.  

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