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Tragedy strikes family involved in fatal collision in Texas

Every motorist is obligated to remain alert and cautious behind the wheel. It is a driver's responsibility to pay attention to the road ahead, and to react as swiftly and safely as possible if a problem arises, such as a sudden deceleration of the flow of traffic. A mother and three of her children were traveling in Texas from another state when a tragedy occurred. A tractor-trailer driver has been deemed responsible for the fatal collision that resulted in the mother's death, as well as the deaths of her three children.

Road rage suspected in Texas fatal accident

Every Texas driver is obligated to adhere to traffic and safety regulations. That does not guarantee that every driver will fulfill his or her obligation. In fact, some motorists are quite reckless behind the wheel, sometimes on purpose. A recent fatal accident appears to be an example of the devastation that can occur when road rage is a causal factor in a collision

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