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Texas workers may be at risk because of a hazardous product

Landscaping is a thriving industries in many regions. Many Texas residents earn their livings on lawn maintenance crews. It is not uncommon for such workers to have to use weed killer sprays during the normal course of duty in the workplace. A former landscape worker in another state is currently battling stage IV cancer that her attorney says was caused by use of a hazardous product in the workplace.

Kids' toys in Texas may be on 2018 hazardous product list

Every year, approximately 100 children's toys and products manufactured for use with babies are recalled. A hazardous product is any item that poses a safety or health risk to consumers. Such risks may be caused by poor product design, improper labeling or other issues. Many Texas parents might currently have defective or otherwise hazardous products in their homes right now without being aware of it.

LaCroix sparkling water company facing hazardous products claim

How does the Food and Drug Administration define the word, "natural?" Did LaCroix sparkling water company place hazardous products into the hands of consumers by falsely claiming that all of its ingredients are natural when, in fact, they are not? These are two of many questions that are being left to the court to decide in a class action lawsuit. Those in Texas who drink sparkling water or other products labeled as natural may want to follow this case.

Were you injured by a hazardous product in Texas?

Many Texas workers and others are sometimes exposed to hazardous materials. This may occur during the normal course of duty in the workplace, at home, school or just about anywhere. Employers are obligated to provide proper training and safety equipment to help their employees lower their risks for hazardous product injuries as much as possible.  

A potentially tainted product causes a cereal recall

Last week, Kellogg’s Company recalled boxes of Honey Smacks cereal due to salmonella outbreak fears. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 73 people have the outbreak in 31 states. Twenty-four people are in hospitals. No one is reported dead.

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