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Commercial vehicle crash in Texas results in catastophic injuries

The life of a U.S. Postal Service worker is busy. While driving a commercial vehicle, the worker is at risk for personal injury just like anyone else driving a motor vehicle. One Texas worker's life currently hangs in the balance after a two-vehicle crash that occurred in another state on a recent Monday.  

Church construction site scene of workplace injury

Many Texas residents earn their livings in the construction industry. This type of work usually ranks high on most lists regarding most dangerous jobs in the nation. Any number of mishaps can occur during the normal course of duty on a construction site, sometimes resulting in serious workplace injury or even death.  

Workplace injuries: Texas Amazon center comes under fire

Online shopping has all but replaced door-to-door sales and catalog deliveries in Texas and beyond. Most people have personal accounts or are at least familiar with Amazon, the world's leading online shopping venue. Amazon's success has made its owner the richest person in history; however, a now former employee of one of its warehouses says the company's mistreatment of her after suffering workplace injuries has left her financially destitute and homeless. 

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