The Cole Law Firm Legal Team
The Cole Law Firm Legal Team

A Legal Team That Truly Understands The Needs Of Catastrophic Injury Victims

Our attorneys and staff include people who have survived catastrophic injuries and gone on to lead successful lives. We understand the recovery process and are dedicated to helping injury victims get compensation to help them move ahead in life.

Houston Legal Representation For Victims Of Catastrophic Personal Injuries

Regardless of the cause, catastrophic injuries are life-changing — for both victims and their families.

At Cole Law Firm, we concentrate on helping people in Houston, Texas, and across the United States recover compensation for catastrophic personal injuries. Our clients include people who have suffered spinal cord injuries or amputations as a result of accidents, defective products or medical negligence. Our goal is not just to help you recover financially, but to also provide guidance on what to do after your case is concluded.

Houston Attorneys Guiding Catastrophic Injury Survivors through Recovery And The Legal Process

Auto Accident Injuries

Injuries Resulting From Negligent Medical Professionals

On-The-Job Accidents

Injuries From
Hazardous Products

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Attorneys Toby Cole and Mary Allen Ramprasad

Counsel And Advice On All Aspects Of Your Injury Recovery

As catastrophic injury survivors, we understand that there is so much more to recovery than just getting financial compensation. At Cole Law Firm, we won’t just take care of your lawsuit; we provide guidance and counsel on aspects of your recovery outside of the claim.

Whether you need assistance obtaining Medicare or Medicare benefits or you are looking for guidance on adjustments to everyday life needs — attorney our legal team can provide guidance on all aspects relating to your injury.

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What Our Clients Say

“Working with Mary has been an incredible experience! Her diligence, dedication, and research provided a comfort in understanding laws and statutes effecting my case.” – Katherin V.

“Toby is kind and he cares about you individually! He took my sons case and got him the highest amount! His office is absolutely amazing. Hire him, you will NEVER regret it!” – Missy L.

“Mary recently helped me with some legal research and not only was her service fast and efficient, her level of professionalism is unmatched!” – Jessica H.

“If it were possible to award The Cole Law Firm 10 stars, I would do so.” – Sirish P.

Toby is from my experience the best lawyer I have ever come across. He has given me a renewed faith in the legal system. I highly recommend his services, I won’t use anyone else!” – Frank D.

“I cannot say enough good things about the Cole Law Firm. Toby Cole and his amazing staff took all the apprehension, worry and distress out of my life.” – Donald A.

A Focus On Making A Difference

One of our goals is to help you recover the compensation you need today and in the future. However, unlike other firms, we equally strive to make a difference in your community.

If our client suffered injury from a defective product, we will seek to change the way the product is manufactured. If a hospital caused unnecessary injury, we will strive to change their procedures — all in an effort to make sure the injury you or your loved one suffered does not happen again.

Learn more about our service in the community.

The Cole Law Firm attorneys with a client

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Celebrate Our Client’s Successes

Mallory’s Story

Hello, my name is Mallory Gardiner. I was diagnosed with a genetic birth condition called chiari malformation and secondary syringomyelia spinal cord injury. I lost an old life as I once knew it in the blink of an eye, all to re-create my newfound purpose here on earth. My life post-surgery changed drastically, I ended up on hospice after being hospitalized due to stroke and epilepsy for about a year.

I met Mary while leaving hospice as I was navigating my way back to independence, Mary and her team have been there along the way to be sure I don’t fall between the cracks of the matrix of this health care industry again. Navigating through a system and finding the right kind of advocacy, could help me establish independence and are vital to someone like myself.

The abilities that Mary granted me to empower myself through networking and applying myself to the areas of my life that needed improving are life changing. Mary has always made me feel like I can face anything with justice.

I am a feeding tube survivor as well. I was lost between doctors’ opinions on what to do about formula and she helped resolved my matters. I truly feel like there is a world for people like me who are celebrated for the ashes we shake off after we go through the fire… like the Phoenix, we shall rise again.

Thank you Mary, endlessly! You truly saved me so many times. Thank you so so much for everything to you and your amazing law firm! You have all been my family and best friend.

Sincerely, Mallory

Former client Mallory Gardiner

Christian’s Story

I want to thank Toby and his team at the Cole Law Firm for all their support.

In May 2021 I had a diving accident that left me paralyzed from the chest down. In 2023, I had multiple issues related to my injury, being in and out of hospitals, and Toby was by my side, helping me with my health problems, with medical references, and with advice from his own experiences. Because Toby has a spinal cord injury too, he really understands his clients’ needs and shows compassion and empathy. He is more than a lawyer, he is a true friend.

Thanks to the Cole Law Firm, I managed to get a considerable amount of money to secure my future.


Client Christian