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Community Involvement

At Cole Law Firm, we believe in the importance of getting back into the community. A serious injury should never hinder an individual from having fun or pursuing a great cause.

A Seat At The Table

Living with a traumatic injury, being the family member of someone with a traumatic injury or representing a person with a traumatic injury provides a unique insight that few others have.

The struggles and successes are equally important. It is important to share our expertise with the community in a number of ways, including education, volunteer activities and

Giving Back

Spending time in the community and giving back is an important part of healing from a catastrophic injury. This is important not just to the injured person but also family and friends.

May 2018 Fundraising Clay Shoot

Our team consisted of all folks in wheelchairs. The event raised over $50,000 for Shriners Hospitals.

Golf Tournament

I am the president elect of the Houston Trial Lawyers Association. It is one of the largest local trial lawyers association in the country. Our single city TLA is larger than most states’ TLAs. This is a fundraising golf tournament that we put on every year.

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Being disabled is not a full-time job. It is a condition that some are forced to endure. Getting back into the workforce when possible is a huge part of recovery. Many people use the expertise they develop from a catastrophic injury as a catalyst to a new career.

Having Fun

Bringing recreation and fun back into the lives of people with catastrophic injuries is an important part of recovery.

Paralyzed Veterans Olympic Competition

Frank Daebelliehn, a friend and client of mine, is training to participate as a paralyzed veteran in the winter Olympic Games.

Easter Sunday Tweet

This is from my tweet I sent out on Easter Sunday. The church I go to has signs to make sure people with disabilities have seats. I thought their choice of language was funny.

Photo of Cole, Tobias Anthony

Daughter’s First Musical: Christmas 2017

I took my daughter to her first musical over Christmas. She loves going to sporting events and concerts with me because we get great seats. She gets to live the upside and downside of having a dad in a wheelchair.

Photo of Cole, Tobias Anthony