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Did employer negligence result in your workplace injury?

Whether you work in Texas or another state, your employer is legally obligated to do certain things to help you stay safe on the job. For instance, your employer must provide proper training and any available safety equipment appropriate to your line of work. If your employer is aware of a particular hazard in the workplace, that information must be passed on to you to help you avoid a workplace injury.

There are definitely some jobs that are more dangerous than others, such as construction-related work, military jobs, working on a railroad and other high-risk employment. However, you could even get injured while working at a desk job in an office. You are especially at risk if your duties lead to repetitive strain injuries or other adverse health conditions.

Speeding often leads to catastrophic auto accidents in Texas

A Texas community has suffered a great loss. Speeding often causes drivers to lose control of steering, sometimes resulting in catastrophic auto accidents. That appears to be what happened in a recent collision that has taken the life of a 15-year-old girl.

Teenage drivers are often inexperienced at the wheel. Because of this, they tend to panic if their tires veer off to the shoulder of the road or some other unexpected issue arises while they are driving. Inexperienced drivers often overcorrect when they try to get their vehicles back on track.

Catastrophic collision injuries often lead to fatalities in Texas

In Texas and beyond, intersections are highly dangerous places where auto accidents often occur. Catastrophic collision injuries are a common result when drivers fail to stop at red lights or are otherwise negligent while navigating crossroads. The Texas A & M community is mourning the loss of one of its students following a recent tragedy.

Investigators are still working on the case; however, preliminary investigations revealed that a 22-year-old college student was stopped at a red light, waiting to turn left at a particular intersection. Before the driver had a chance to safely execute his planned maneuver, another vehicle crashed into his car. Thus, an uneventful scene at a crossroads suddenly became a chaotic event as rescue workers arrived to render aid. Ironically, the driver of that vehicle was also a Texas A & M student.

Catastrophic accident in Katy results in fatality at the scene

In the immediate aftermath of a Texas collision, there is often an increased risk for additional accidents to occur. Motorists may not be able to stop in time if they suddenly come upon pedestrians or a disabled vehicle in the roadway. This is one of many reasons drivers must always remain alert and cautious behind the wheel, as well as adhere to all traffic laws to help keep themselves and other travelers as safe as possible. Otherwise, they risk causing a catastrophic accident, as reportedly happened in Katy on a recent Saturday.

Police say a woman who failed to act with caution is now facing intoxicated manslaughter charges. Additional charges include failing to stop and render aid in a fatal accident. The situation began when police officers were already on the road addressing post-accident issues regarding a collision that had taken place. 

Catastrophic auto accident: 5 lives lost in North Texas

Even just after 10 a.m., Texas highways can be full of traffic. Drivers do not always have time to react if a problem suddenly occurs. This type of unexpected circumstance recently resulted in a catastrophic auto accident that has left an entire community in mourning.

As vehicles were moving along at highway speeds, one particular westbound vehicle left its lane and veered straight into eastbound traffic. Moments later, a horrendous crash occurred that took the lives of five people. Those who witness or survive serious car accidents like this one often suffer emotional trauma that is long-lasting.

Texas workers may be at risk because of a hazardous product

Landscaping is a thriving industries in many regions. Many Texas residents earn their livings on lawn maintenance crews. It is not uncommon for such workers to have to use weed killer sprays during the normal course of duty in the workplace. A former landscape worker in another state is currently battling stage IV cancer that her attorney says was caused by use of a hazardous product in the workplace.

Roundup is a weed-killing product that is known to be highly dangerous to human health. The attorney's client reportedly questioned her employer numerous times regarding safety issues. She had to carry a tank of Roundup on her back every day, and her duties including dispensing the spray for eight to 10 hours at a time.

Do not ignore signs of a potential spinal cord injury

Many different types of incidents can cause spinal cord injuries. Sometimes this type of severe injury can be caused by a car crash. Other times it can be caused by an athletic accident, a gunshot wound or another trauma.

Spinal cord injuries can become more severe if they are not recognized and treated right away, so it is important to receive a medical examination as soon as possible after experiencing trauma to the head, neck or back. Some signs of spinal cord damage may be noticeable immediately following a trauma. However, sometimes the signs appear more gradually as swelling or bleeding occurs.

Catastrophic injuries result in fatality after Texas collision

Intersections are dangerous places. Every Texas motorist is obligated to adhere to traffic regulations, especially those regarding right-of-way at crossroads. Driver negligence or reckless behavior often causes intersection collisions that result in catastrophic injuries. If a person is later determined to have acted under the influence of drugs or alcohol behind the wheel, he or she may face criminal charges in addition to a civil lawsuit, if a victim or family of a deceased victim files a post-accident claim.

Such an accident occurred at a Lubbock intersection at approximately 9 p.m. on a recent Sunday. There were two vehicles involved in the crash. One of the drivers reportedly escaped the incident with only minor injuries. However, that same driver is now in jail, facing intoxication manslaughter charges and other criminal offenses.

Catastrophic collision in Texas resulted in a young woman's death

Road conditions are often key factors in motor vehicle accidents in Texas. A catastrophic collision that recently occurred took place on a stretch of road that local officials say is often dark, with poor visibility for travelers. The crash occurred on a Sunday evening, involving a car and a tractor-trailer.

Texas State Police troopers who responded to the scene said there are no lights on that particular section of roadway. Lack of visibility may have been a causal factor leading the driver of a car to veer out of the traffic lane. Moments later, the car collided with an 18-wheeler.

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