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Do You Know You Can Sue For Injuries Caused By A Dangerous Product?

Under the law, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and other parties involved in a product’s chain of distribution have a duty to make sure that product is safe for consumer use and free from unexpected defects that will cause harm.

Product defects examples include:

  • Shreds of glass found in a box of cereal
  • Poor, perilously designed motor vehicle brakes
  • Defectively designed medical technology, such as hip replacement devices
  • Pharmaceutical drugs that cause serious, deadly side effects
  • Small appliances that fail to provide a fire hazard warning
  • Children’s toys that causes a choking hazard

If any product defect causes a person injury, that individual may be able to pursue a cause of action under the theory of product liability.

The Importance Of Hiring A Skilled Attorney To Handle Your Product Defect Lawsuit

If you or a family member was injured from a consumer product, the importance of hiring an attorney with the right credentials to handle your case cannot be stressed enough. These cases involve significant investigation, knowledge of laws and procedures, negotiations with insurance companies and more.

At Cole Law Firm, we have handled many different product liability and other personal injury cases for those located in Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas.

Board Certified Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

As a testament to his skill, our founding attorney, Toby Cole, is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Such a distinction is provided to a very small percentage of Texas lawyers, ones who have exhibited a very high proficiency in litigation.

Learn more about Toby’s background.

Obtaining Compensation — And Making A Difference

Our objective is to help you obtain monetary compensation for your injury, but an equally important goal is to do what we can to make sure your injury does not happen to anyone else.

We will do whatever it takes to change the way a dangerous appliance, unsafe pharmaceutical drug, hazardous children’s toy, or harmful food or drink product is designed or manufactured.

Do Not Wait. Reach Out To Us Today.

It’s important to know that the law allows victims of a dangerous product to file a lawsuit within a small window of time. Once that time passes, victims are barred from pursuing recovery.

If you or your loved one was injured from a dangerous consumer product, don’t delay. Call 888-812-6086 or send an email to our law firm today to learn about your legal options and how to get started with your claim.

If you suffered a workplace injury from a hazardous product, you have legal options.