Understanding Repercussions From Mild, Moderate & Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury can occur many different ways. A person can suffer a brain injury, like a concussion, from a blow to the head after, for instance, a slip-and-fall or auto accident collision. Brain injuries can result from a penetration to the skull or show no outward signs of trauma to the head at all.

Some TBIs, as they are known, are relatively minor and cause short-term loss of consciousness, confusion and other symptoms. Moderate traumatic brain injuries can result in more long-term physical, cognitive and personality changes. A severe brain injury, however, commonly involves a serious fracture to the skull and commonly results in long-term or permanent physical, emotional and cognitive damage to various bodily functions.

Regardless of the severity, brain injuries are life-changing.

What To Do When Someone’s Negligence Caused Your Brain Injury

Sadly, many traumatic brain injuries occur due to negligent parties. Drunk drivers, hazardous workplace accidents and even accidents during tours of active military duty can cause brain injury.

Individuals and their families are encouraged to reach out to a lawyer to discuss potential legal recourse options and compensation.

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