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Church construction site scene of workplace injury

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2018 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries |

Many Texas residents earn their livings in the construction industry. This type of work usually ranks high on most lists regarding most dangerous jobs in the nation. Any number of mishaps can occur during the normal course of duty on a construction site, sometimes resulting in serious workplace injury or even death.  

A recent incident in another state occurred when contractors were working on a project to build a new church in the community. What would have otherwise been a rather typical workday turned into a chaotic scene when a piece of heavy masonry toppled onto one of the men. Various rescue centers were immediately notified, and emergency assistants were dispatched to the scene.  

The man was reportedly trapped underneath the massive piece of cement. It had crushed his upper body and one of his legs. The worker was transported by ambulance to an area hospital that was equipped to handle his injuries. Sadly, incidents like this often result in partial or full permanent disabilities that leave injured workers unable to return to their duties.

The new structure was being built after a fire in 2016 destroyed the original church building. An investigation will no doubt take place to determine what exactly may have caused the accident that resulted in the recent workplace injury. When a Texas worker must take time off to recover from a serious injury such as this, it often places financial hardship on his or her family. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can assist injured workers as they navigate the process to claim benefits.