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LaCroix sparkling water company facing hazardous products claim

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2018 | Firm News, Hazardous Products |

How does the Food and Drug Administration define the word, “natural?” Did LaCroix sparkling water company place hazardous products into the hands of consumers by falsely claiming that all of its ingredients are natural when, in fact, they are not? These are two of many questions that are being left to the court to decide in a class action lawsuit. Those in Texas who drink sparkling water or other products labeled as natural may want to follow this case.

The claim states that this particular company labels its products as natural while knowingly adding ingredients that can cause kidney toxicity, tumors and other adverse health problems in humans. One of the ingredients in question is reportedly known as a component of insecticides. A woman who is a plaintiff in the class action lawsuit claims to have suffered injury by consuming the company’s products.

As might be expected, company representatives have come out fighting. They issued public statements, saying all the allegations against it are false. They also offered a supposed explanation for the ingredients in the LaCroix products that have raised consumer concerns, stating that these ingredients occur naturally in many citrus fruits.

For the court to rule that LaCroix has knowingly placed hazardous products into the hands of consumers, the plaintiffs will have to provide evidence that the company’s product labels are fraudulent and that it resulted in consumer injuries. Proving a products liability claim can be quite challenging. That is why most Texas consumers turn to experienced personal injury attorneys to present their claims in court.