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Navigating the aftermath of catastrophic injuries in collisions

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2018 | Catastrophic Auto Accident Injuries, Firm News |

You never know when a Texas car accident is going to occur. That is a critical factor that makes vehicular collisions so devastating — they often happen suddenly and unexpectedly. In fact, even if you see signs of potential danger on the road, such as a vehicle that is swerving over the yellow line, you may not be able to react quickly enough to avoid a crash. When you or your loved one suffer catastrophic injuries because of another driver’s negligence, you may need numerous types of support as you try to recover and move on in life.  

It is difficult for anyone who has never been involved in a car accident to understand what accident victims go through in the weeks and months that following a collision. Many people suffer post-traumatic stress disorder and have trouble sleeping, eating and functioning on a daily basis because they are plagued with reminders of the sudden impact that led to their injuries. Others face financial problems when medical bills pile up and they lose time off work during recovery.  

Sadly, some accident victims are never able to return to work due to permanent injuries. Brain injuries and spinal cord injuries often cause partial or full disabilities. In such circumstances, it can be helpful to speak to someone who has gone through a similar experience in the past.  

At Cole Law Firm, victims of catastrophic injuries caused by negligent drivers are of highest priority. First-hand experience as a past accident victim and years of legal experience are key factors toward strong support and guidance provided to Texas clients. Any man or woman considering filing a personal injury claim may request a free consultation to obtain information regarding state laws and basic facts about the civil justice process.