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Kids’ toys in Texas may be on 2018 hazardous product list

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2018 | Firm News, Hazardous Products |

Every year, approximately 100 children’s toys and products manufactured for use with babies are recalled. A hazardous product is any item that poses a safety or health risk to consumers. Such risks may be caused by poor product design, improper labeling or other issues. Many Texas parents might currently have defective or otherwise hazardous products in their homes right now without being aware of it.

Part of the problem is that parents who are not aware that a child’s toy or baby product in their home is on a recall list might continue to use the product or might give it as a gift to another family, or even donate it to charity or a second-hand store. There are numerous consumer advocacy groups that try to keep people updated on current recalls by publishing lists in print or posting them online. Any manufacturer, distributor or sales company that knowingly places a dangerous product into the hands of consumers may be held legally accountable if an injury occurs.

One of the most recently recalled baby products on the market was a bath seat. The problem with the device was that it could tip over or a child could slip under its support bar. If this were to occur, a baby would be at risk for drowning. The Boy Scouts of America also apparently carried a product that has been deemed hazardous; a neckerchief slide reportedly contained high levels of lead, posing serious health risks to scouts who use them.

If a Texas parent believes his or her child has suffered an illness or injury that was caused by a hazardous product, a consultation with someone well versed in personal injury law may be appropriate to discuss how to file a product liability claim in a civil court. This type of litigation often helps prevent future similar situations from occurring. A parent with questions regarding such issues can request a meeting with a personal injury attorney.