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What will my loved one’s TBI rehabilitation look like?

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2018 | Firm News |

Those with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can be affected in many different ways depending on the type and severity of injury, as well as the part of the brain that is impacted. Because those with TBIs can be affected so differently, the rehabilitation process is tailored to the specific challenges an individual faces.

Brain injury rehabilitation won’t begin until your loved one is stable following his or her injury. The rehabilitation process can occur in many different environments, including at an inpatient rehabilitation center, at a medical facility as part of an outpatient program or even in your loved one’s home. The process toward your loved one’s rehabilitation will probably begin with various tests to determine what areas of the brain are affected and what medications, environmental modifications or types of therapy he or she would benefit from.

Some common types of therapy that may be part of your loved one’s rehabilitation plan are:

  • Cognitive rehabilitation therapy to address difficulties with thinking, such as concentration, understanding information and problem-solving
  • Speech therapy to help with speech and language problems
  • Physical therapy to improve and restore motion
  • Occupational therapy to address the ability to do daily tasks
  • Neurobehavioral therapy to treat severe and disruptive behaviors, like physical or verbal aggression, destruction or lack of initiation
  • Vocational rehabilitation to help individuals gain the skills required to get and keep a job

In addition to the specific kinds of therapy in a rehabilitation plan, the amount of time rehabilitation takes will also vary from individual to individual. It could be needed for only a few weeks, for the remainder of your loved one’s life, or for any amount of time between.

There are many options for brain injury rehabilitation because TBIs can affect people in such different ways. Learning about the different available therapies can be beneficial as you work with doctors to help your loved one access the therapies he or she would most benefit from.