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Spinal cord injuries always a risk in collisions like this one

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2019 | Firm News, Types Of Spinal Cord Injuries |

When Texas parents send their children to school on a bus each day, they understand there is always a risk of a motor vehicle accident occurring. However, most parents would not be thinking it a possibility that their child’s bus will wind up wrapped around the front of a freight train. Serious collisions like the one that took place on a recent Friday afternoon often result in spinal cord injuries or other permanent disabilities.

Sadly, the sudden impact of the freight train colliding with a school bus resulted in the death of a 13-year-old boy who was riding the bus at the time. A younger female student was on the bus as well, and her injuries prompted an air flight to an intensive care unit that was equipped to deal with her serious condition. On a happy note, the young girl was reportedly stabilized and was later able to move out of the ICU.

The 73-year-old school bus driver was also injured in the collision. School officials and the entire Texas community are grieving. Administrators say they had a surplus of resources available to help students cope with their grief and were ready to offer counseling and other assistance as needed.

When spinal cord injuries occur, accident victims are often wheelchair-bound for the rest of their lives. Traumatic brain injuries are also common in collisions that involve severe and sudden, forceful impacts, which would undoubtedly be the case when a freight train and school bus collide. A Texas parent is able to act on behalf of an injured child to seek financial recovery for any and all losses associated with a vehicular collision if negligence was a causal factor in the incident.