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Catastrophic auto accident: 5 lives lost in North Texas

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2019 | Catastrophic Auto Accident Injuries, Firm News |

Even just after 10 a.m., Texas highways can be full of traffic. Drivers do not always have time to react if a problem suddenly occurs. This type of unexpected circumstance recently resulted in a catastrophic auto accident that has left an entire community in mourning.

As vehicles were moving along at highway speeds, one particular westbound vehicle left its lane and veered straight into eastbound traffic. Moments later, a horrendous crash occurred that took the lives of five people. Those who witness or survive serious car accidents like this one often suffer emotional trauma that is long-lasting.

Two of the fatal accident victims in this tragedy were loved throughout their community. One was a North Texas police chief. The other, his son, worked as a volunteer firefighter in Bardwell. The head-on crash has left the victims’ loved ones and many others reeling with grief.

When a catastrophic auto accident occurs on a Texas roadway, investigators often work for days or weeks to determine what or who may have caused a particular collision. In cases like this one, where a vehicle careened out of its lane and into oncoming traffic, many questions need to be answered, such as whether the driver of the wrong-way vehicle suffered a medical episode or the vehicle malfunctioned in some manner. Sadly, many fatal accidents involve drunk drivers or other negligent or reckless driving behaviors. State law allows immediate family members of deceased victims to file wrongful death claims in civil court when negligence is deemed a causal factor in a fatal collision.