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Texas workers may be at risk because of a hazardous product

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2019 | Firm News, Hazardous Products |

Landscaping is a thriving industries in many regions. Many Texas residents earn their livings on lawn maintenance crews. It is not uncommon for such workers to have to use weed killer sprays during the normal course of duty in the workplace. A former landscape worker in another state is currently battling stage IV cancer that her attorney says was caused by use of a hazardous product in the workplace.

Roundup is a weed-killing product that is known to be highly dangerous to human health. The attorney’s client reportedly questioned her employer numerous times regarding safety issues. She had to carry a tank of Roundup on her back every day, and her duties including dispensing the spray for eight to 10 hours at a time.

The woman’s employer allegedly repeatedly assured her that Roundup was safe to use and that no protective equipment was needed. After some time, the woman developed a hoarseness in her throat, which ultimately proved to be a symptom of cancer. Attorneys acting on her behalf have filed a billion-dollar lawsuit against manufacturing companies Bayer and Monsanto as well as the woman’s former company of employment.

The claim states that negligent marketing and sale of this hazardous product has not only caused the plaintiff to suffer an incurable disease under which her health is quickly deteriorating but is also placing many other people at risk as well. The plaintiff was working full time to support three sons, and her current prognosis is grim. Texas residents who believe they or their loved ones have suffered injury because of a store-bought product may wish to consider filing similar personal injury claims in civil court.