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Did employer negligence result in your workplace injury?

On Behalf of | May 21, 2019 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries |

Whether you work in Texas or another state, your employer is legally obligated to do certain things to help you stay safe on the job. For instance, your employer must provide proper training and any available safety equipment appropriate to your line of work. If your employer is aware of a particular hazard in the workplace, that information must be passed on to you to help you avoid a workplace injury.

There are definitely some jobs that are more dangerous than others, such as construction-related work, military jobs, working on a railroad and other high-risk employment. However, you could even get injured while working at a desk job in an office. You are especially at risk if your duties lead to repetitive strain injuries or other adverse health conditions.

Work injuries can occur over time or in a sudden, unexpected accident. Either way, it’s critical that you seek medical attention. It’s also important to document the details of the events that led to your injury and to inform your doctor of any information you believe is pertinent to obtain appropriate care.

workplace injury is definitely no small matter, even if it is initially seems to be a minor one. In Texas and elsewhere, it can be quite helpful to ask an experienced attorney to review your case, especially if you’re considering filing a workers’ compensation claim. Cole Law Firm is committed to providing strong guidance and support to any man or woman who has suffered injury on the job.