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How do product warning labels help?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2019 | Hazardous Products |

You have likely seen a warning label of a product you have bought in Texas. These warning labels are on almost everything these days. You may wonder why they are there and if they prevent people from getting injured. According to Harvard Business Review, the short answer is that warning labels are not as effective as those who require them believe them to be.

One of the issues is that they are everywhere. When people are constantly seeing warning labels, they eventually lose their effectiveness because people start to ignore them. Another issue is that they just do not provide enough information to really offer protection to consumers.

Laws in many different industries require warning labels not only to protect consumers but also to protect the business making the product. However, the warning labels for consumers products are all the same. There is no distinction between serious warnings and those that are not as serious.

The solution is a warning system that distinguishes between warnings that are severe and those that are not as severe. There has to be a way that tells consumers when they should pay attention to a warning because there is a serious hazard associated with the product.

To institute such a system, though, would be difficult. It also would require a rating system of sorts for warnings, which would be very tough to design. To further complicate things, there are also warnings that do not tell the whole story. For example, if the warning applies because of a certain ingredient used in the product but the amount of the ingredient greatly affects how dangerous it actually is, then there would need to be some way to convey that in a manner that the general public could understand.

So, warning labels are not very effective, but fixing the system is not something that will be easy to do. This information is for education and is not legal advice.