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What long-term services does the VA offer?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2019 | Veterans Disability |

Serving this country as a member of the armed forces is one of the most selfless things you can do as a U.S. citizen. Your service is greatly appreciated by everyone. As a member of the military, you get access to Veteran’s benefits in Texas. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides you with a range of care options, especially if you suffer injuries as a result of your service. Many injuries may include the need for long-term care, which the VA will provide.

Some catastrophic injuries result in you being unable to care for yourself. You may then need nursing care around the clock either at home or in a facility. If you find yourself in this situation, the VA does provide these services. Your stay in a nursing home or even in your own home is covered under your benefits.

You also may qualify for private caregiver help. You can get 24/7 care in your home or in a facility as well. Veterans benefits can provide you with assistance if you need it to do daily tasks or offer your comfort care. Benefits also cover pain management and physical therapy.

Typically, when you suffer a debilitating injury or condition, you are not alone in it. Your family also helps you and is affected by what is happening to you. The VA also provides support for your caregivers and family. This might include providing care to give your family member time to him or herself.

The overall goal of services is to make things easier and ensure you get the care that you need. This information is for education and is not legal advice.