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Texas pedestrian accident kills 2-year-old girl

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2019 | Catastrophic Auto Accident Injuries |

A father in Round Rock, Texas, turned away from his 2-year-old daughter for a second to return a can of sunscreen to his car. However, a second was all it took for her to run away from him across a parking lot. Moments later, a car ran over the little girl, causing injuries that took her life.

The father and his daughter had just arrived at a park where the little girl’s two older brothers were playing soccer. Catching sight of one of them, the little girl reportedly took off running across the parking lot when her father’s attention was momentarily directed elsewhere. The little girl did not seem to notice the oncoming vehicle. Her father did, however, and went running after her, screaming at the driver to stop. He was unsuccessful in his attempt to alert the driver to the danger and could only watch as the vehicle ran over his daughter.

According to the father’s report, the woman driving the vehicle entered the parking lot from the main road at speed and did not appear to realize at first that she had struck a child. She allegedly exited the car while talking on her cell phone. It is not clear what the driver thought she had hit, but the father speculates that she may have assumed she struck an inanimate object, such as a soccer ball, rather than a human being. Authorities have not pressed charges.

First responders and law enforcement came to the scene, but their attempts at resuscitation were not successful. Arriving to the park after the accident, the child’s mother found onlookers on their knees in prayer, and she immediately joined them.

A few seconds is all it takes for an accident that can alter lives forever. People wondering what action to take after a car accident may wish to consult an attorney.