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What toys could be hazardous to my children?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2019 | Hazardous Products |

While some hazardous toys are easily identifiable, others often fly under the radar. Some toys that seem relatively innocuous carry a significant risk to children, ranging from choking to broken bones. To ensure you can keep your kids safe, Real Simple provides this list of hazardous toys that should be avoided by parents, especially those with small children.

Numerous toys are associated with a risk of choking. Things like bouncy balls and marbles can be found just about everywhere and are extremely dangerous if swallowed by a child. Other toys have less obvious choking hazards that parents must be aware of. For instance, toys, watches, and other devices. that operate on small batteries constitute a risk since coin-cell batteries are the right size to pose a risk of choking. Balloons can also be dangerous, as younger kids may inadvertently inhale them while trying to inflate them.

Swallowing a toy can also lead to more issues than just choking. Take high-powered magnets, which are often sold in multiples of various sizes. If two or more magnets are swallowed by a child, they can create dangerous blockages in the intestines if two magnets are attracted to each other and become stuck. Not only do intestinal blockages cause pain and cramping, they can also require surgery to remedy.

Parents must also be wary when choosing a toy chest for their child’s room. Toy chests with heavy lids pose a chance of serious injury if the lid closes on a child while he is retrieving an item from the box. These injuries can be severe when occurring to the head or neck. When looking for a toy chest, choose one without a lid to ensure safety while your child is at play.